Girls, what should I do if women I always like call be nice?

"You're a nice guy." >_<

I heard many negative stuff about 'nice guys' from women, like they're boring, assholes, have no self-respect, are entitled jerks, and etc. Or nice is a compliment when the other person cannot think of anything to truly compliment. I feel bad because I'm NOT one of those guys that self proclaimed that he's nice. Yet, I keep getting treated like the infamous nice guy. I'm really worried and feel bad about it. I'm being myself, and I like my personality and don't want to change. I'm a physics and math major at advanced undergraduate as well as a competitve class B chess player. I try my best to be a dynamic person, yet women keep seeing me as just nice or in other words boring and untalented/skilled. Most guys that know me for a long time call me ambitious, determined, smart and other cool compliment, and with women I just call nice. I'm worried. What should I do? Am I doing something wrong?
I'm really insecure about being called a nice guy from a woman; it makes me feel worthless. 😪


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  • Talk to her


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