Should 16 year olds know how to treat girls?

I see a lot of times people will say it's okay for boys to behave a certain way because they are young. What are your views on this? For instance I have a friend who thought she was pregnant ( they're both 16 . ) and he ended up leaving her and talking to another girl. He even told her he didn't know if he'd have the courage to stay around if she was. ( thank god she wasn't ) . So is this behavior okay simply because he's 16 / 17 ?


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  • Well, it's to be expected. Part of being an adult is being mature and responsible enough to handle those kinds of situations, but at 16 he's still basically a kid with a drivers license.

    Should 16 year old know how to treat girls? Absolutely, yes.
    Is it realistic to expect them to know how to treat girls? No.

    Relationships at that age are where people learn how to treat each other... you screw up some, you learn, you figure out what relationships really are...

    Getting a girl pregnant at that age would be terrifying I'm sure, and the natural instinct when a kid (again, 16 is basically a kid) breaks something or makes a mistake thats gonna get him in trouble is to run away from it, not stick around and rectify the situation.

    I wouldn't say the behavior is OK simply because he's 16/17 but it's what most people would probably expect.

    Glad she's not pregnant, too...


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  • Not at all. You make adult decisions, you face adult consequences.


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  • lol, treating people poorly is not something that can be excused simply because of age. Treat people good, because that is the good thing to do! I respect women and men because that is what a good person does! That guy is a piece of garbage!

    • Couldn't have said it better

  • No, it isn't. It shows he's man enough to risk bring a kid into the world but not man enough to raise one. Honestly your friend might want to look for a better boyfriend.

  • lol they dont even know how to treat themselves


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