Can't shake off that feeling?

I went on 2 dates with this guy. It was fun and I think we had good chemistry even though we don't have much in common (we kissed on the first date and were practically making out on the second date)

So in the beginning, he messages/texts me every morning and everyday but it has been a week since our last date and the communication has been almost non-existent. I can't shake that feeling that I'm being put in a back burner... it's uneasy and retarded!

Is it because we got physical too fast? and Now he thinks I'm easy?


I just want to say that dating SUCKS. My life was so much better 3 weeks ago. CAREFREE and NOT A WORRY!


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  • "Men date fast, women date slow."

    [ Hurtful Truth ]

    MEN - are looking for fast paced relationships because they are risk-takers. They like everything to happen as fast as possible (Physically or emotionally).

    WOMEN - are looking to protect themselves from needy / creeper type guys. They like everything to move as slow as possible (Physically or emotionally).

    So what is happening is a mere difference in sexes- You (or your friends) believe that because you have put out too fast, that it has ruined the relationship. On the contrary- it seems like this guy is one of those confused men that don't know what he wants. If he knew he wanted to be with you and that he was receiving "sexual acts" as a token of appreciation and trust- then he should pursue you.

    He isn't trying to "use" you and other women- he is merely trying to find fullfillment in his desires as an individual. (if he was using you, you would notice him being flirtatious with a variety of other women.)

    Best regards,


    • This wasn't my question but I needed to hear this from you thanks ArtistBboy.

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