Guys, what does a casual relationship mean to you?

I went out with a guy and we really hit it off. We've hung out quite a few times now and got pretty touchy but haven't made out surprisingly.

Our mutual friend (mostly his) found me while drunk and asked what I thought of him. I told her the truth, that he was pretty cool and I'd want to see where things go. She continued to tell me he thinks I'm really cool and tell me stories about him throughout the night. Knowing this would get back to him, I texted him a few days later explaining my response quickly.

He replied saying essentially "you're really cool, definitely down to hang more. But you should know I'm not looking for anything serious, but not a one night stand either- not sure if you're into that"

we're supposed to go out this weekend and I'm just wondering what to expect. Does he want to be friends? Friends with benefits? Just date casually? Date but not intensely?
I don't get boys lol


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  • He probably just wants to date casually/be friends with benefits. Saying 'not sure if you're into that' is kind of an indicator that he wants SOMETHING other than just friendship, but doesn't want anything committed.

    • Yeah, I figured it was something more than friendship with the whole one night stand line - thank you. But what is "doesn't want anything committed?" like does that mean we'd both date/hook up with other people? Or just like date but not talk about the future really? Obviously I'll chat about this with him to define it better, but it's way too early in our relationship (?) for the exclusive chat haha

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