Do I have a chance with her?

This girl canceled the 2nd date food cause she said she was really busy helping out someone. 1st date she said she had a good time and 3rd is a plan for movies. She said Friday instead for food and told me sorry. I said okay and asked if she was okay with same time on Friday but she didn't reply back to me for over 24 hours. Do you think she's avoiding me?
  • She's avoiding me
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  • She's busy like she said and when the time comes closer for the date on Friday, she'll respond
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Damn. How come no one is answering my question? What type of questions get answered on this site?
I'd really love some opinions from girls. I don't know why you're all not being helpful.


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  • No way to know until you ask her if she is avoiding you. A pretty painful thing to do but at least you will you know where you stand. Better to know from the start, then waste emotions

    • Should I just message her saying "hey. what have you been up to" or just ask "hey. are you still interested for a 2nd date? if not I understand".

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