I hooked up with a guy and went all the way for the first time, while he was broken up with his Long Time Girl Friend?

I made a big mistake.. I've had a crush on this older guy from High School who had been dating the most gorgeous girl in school for 4 years. She had broken it off with him to gain some space for a while, so one night I invited his friends over to my house and they brought him along. I was so excited and we ended up hooking up after a few drinks. I invited them over the next night and I told him I wanted him to be my first. He was not sure, but I convinced him. We slept together a few times and then he just stopped coming around. I found out that a few months later he got back with his Ex.. Why did he sleep with me if he still loved her? why is she the one for him? I know it sounds ridiculous but if he loved her, why was he with me?


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  • You put yourself on a plate for him and technically he was single and he thought you were hot so he couldn't say no, I don't think he loves her that much or maybe he's not worth very much as a person because his feelings lack any sort of depth whatsoever, some people are just duds! lol


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  • Because you convinced him to and he had no obligations to anyone else at the time.


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  • If they were dating for 4 years & broke up why would you let him go all the way with you? You giving it to him wasn't going to change anything. Couples who break up after a while still talk & are more likely to still be in love & talking to each other. You set your self up to get played honestly. He most likely stop coming around because he didn't feel right about doing that with you.

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