He always replied within seconds, now he ignores me?

Last Monday (its Friday today) I started texting with a guy who is 3 years older than me (im 17 he's 20). He STARTED texting me by asking a irrelevant question and since then we basically talked non-stop. About everything really, music, movies, plans for the future what we want to do with our lives. I've been sick the entire week and yesterday he asked me if i was feeling better and what my plans for the weekend was - so it seems like he cares about me right? He always replied within seconds!!

The thing is, yesterday he suddenly stopped answering (i have not sent another text after that because i dont want to seem desperate and spam him). I can see that he has read it hours and hours ago but he doesn't reply. We were mid-conversation, we were talking about scary movies and the last things i wrote was
""I know! I have to like pull myself together for like a month or so before I dare to watch another scary movie" - No answer. He has replied super fast to texts smiliar to that one earlier. I'm 100% sure he has read it.

He has sent me winky emojis earlier and its been a two-sided conversation. Is he waiting for me to write again or something? Is this some kinda test guys do to see if a girl is interested? Because I don't want to spam him and seem desperate if that's not it, you know..

did he just grow tired of me all of a sudden? What does this mean? Please help me, I was starting to like him...
Update: I've done some research (hasnt texted him again YET), and it seems he is online on facebook messenger (where we've been talking, no worries, i have seen him irl) LESS often then when we just to chat frequently. When we talked he was online to answer my texts basically all the time, now he's only online like once every third hour or less. I don't know if this means anything but just to give you the whole picture.
Update #2: Texted him, he answered fast and then kept the conversation going by asking me how my Friday night was going... He is confusing me.


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  • maybe you pissed him off?

    • I don't know how i could've done that with the last reply i wrote.. How can scary movies piss someone off?

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    • Its 16.28 in my timezone now and i sent it yesterday at 18.30. Its just odd that he stopped all of a sudden. I'm probably over-worrying (cus i have a habit for that) but its still strange.

    • Probably just worrying too much 😃 gl!!

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  • I think you are worrying needlessly. What you texted him doesn't necessarily require a response. He may not have had one or he may have gotten busy. I would go ahead and send him a good morning text today or maybe something that definitely would seek a response from him. You're putting the ball in his court and it's up to him as to what he does with it. If he continues to ignore you, then walk away. Just realize that life happens and one time of not responding does not necessarily mean that he dropped you or that you said something wrong. Don't over analyze. That will be your downfall. Just live your life and be happy. If this isn't the right guy, someone else will be.

    • Thank you :) you're right but I'm just so scared that he isn't interested in me or thinks that im annoying somehow - because i think he's really cool.

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    • Yes it seems like the right thing to do, be friends then date. I will text him once more (a question this time) and if he ignores that too then we're done.

    • Sounds like a good plan. Good luck!

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  • Maybe he is texting someone his age & more interesting.

  • He could have gotten busy, distracted, completely forgot to hit send, etc.


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