He didn't respond to my text. Am I losing my mind for nothing?

I know that I have some individual insecurities, as the last guy I spent two years with cheated on me twice and treated me like crap.

I started dating someone new, who has been a really great guy. He's one of those nice guys, but he's an introverted type of guy who doesn't generally text much, and who works a lot. We have been dating for a little over two months now, and things have been pretty consistent (I generally will text him almost every day, and we will see each other once or twice a week).

I text him yesterday... and he never responded. It wasn't an open-ended text, but generally my "hope you have a great day" texts get a response back from him. It's a full 24 hours and I'm assuming the worst (as mentioned that I have some insecurities to deal with).

He's generally really good at responding, and this is the first time that he hasn't.

Am I losing my mind over nothing? Is it all in my head?
Just to let everyone know, I worried for absolutely nothing. He was helping his sister move all week. What a great guy! And now I'm such a jerk for worrying... *sigh*


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  • A have a good day text is nice but this dude is actually busy living his life and purpose. I wouldn't worry for a minute about this. I'd worry about your student loans or when the peanut butter and jelly run out

    • I get what you're saying. It's one day, not like a month. Worrying will get me nowhere.

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  • Maybe you should call him. But don't be too clingy


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  • you found yourself a MAN not a boy.. keeper for sure.


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