I was told that as a short Asian guy, I don't have the looks and height to get a prime white girl?

My face got rated 6/10 many times recently

The worst problem is that I'm 5'6" / 167cm

Do I, at least, stand a chance with decent white girls (6-7/10)?


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  • of course you do. you just have to find the right girl


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  • Anything is possible maybe try building yourself With body building since your average in looks and a little short for a guy

    • I am sure there's no way I am average for my ethnicity

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    • I don't know what to do

    • I guess online dating may work but you'll need to try different ones to get the most results

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  • Of course you do; you just have to do it by other means: Charisma, charm, and status.

    • I want to do it with my sex appeal

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