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This guy i used to know is being annoying on purpose. Its like he wants to eat his cake and have it two ways. He purposely ignores me instead of sayin whats bothering him. A look in our past:

- We met during a night out, he begged for my number, took me out and on our first date we pretty much went too far ( no sex tho)
- He got turned off by me because i got angry at him through text, i was having a bad day and he thought i rejected him, but i didn't even said anything yet. He thought i rejected him because the sex was bad.
- I contacted him two months laters, he wanted to meet up and even tho we never talked about, we made out but i denied him sex.
- He made a comment through text saying i wasn't the only one in his list, i got pissed and said ill well be seeing another guy tonight (i lied), he got pissed and he said i was just a fuckbuddy.
- He didn't blocked me or delete my number.
- 9 months later i contacted him (not my intention) with an adverstising text and he said, are you seeking attention? i told him, who is this? he got pissed and had his name in his status.
- over the course of the months , it tried contacting him because i wanted to see him as a friend and talk to someone, he flat out rejected me and CURSED me out, he said i didn't deserve his love.
- He said he never wanted to see me but continue not to block me or delete my number or even calling me. He holds on to my number like crazy.
- I got tired and decleared him dead in my eyes untill my last breath and that in the future he won't have to talk to me anymore, he just said ''ok''. and didn't block me or deleted my number.
- Im getting tired of his games and feel he is a psychopath, if something bothers him why not talk to me, WHAT does he want me to do? beg him.
- He was the first guy i ever kissed at the age of 22, he said i was too beautiful to never had a boyfriend and called me a whore, while im a virgin. He said my personality w


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  • Not quite sure of your question. Sounds like you two are not meant to be with each other, and in fact he inhibits a lot of resentment towards you. I say let it go and move on. No used keeping people like this in your life

    • yeah but why

    • He may feel rejected. He may feel like he was entitled to be with you. He may just be an ass. Can't really say for sure.

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  • I'm going to be blunt. Here goes: Both of you are immature. First of all, him not blocking you doesn't mean a thing! I stopped talking to guys but never block them on whatsapp or anything. You wanna know why, cause I don't feel I have to. I ignore the hell out of them. One of them msged me over a yr ago and the message is still there unanswered. I'm just that kind of person. I know it irks people when they see they couldn't make me angry enough to block them.

    You seem to have self esteem and insecurity issues. Never chase someone who doesn't seem interested! Never chase someone for affection, friendship, to spend time with you or a relationship. If someone wants to see you, they will make time. Actions speak louder than words so if they're acting uninterested, it's cause more than likely they are. Since you kept contacting him I guess he felt like he had the upper hand. Block his number. Never message him again and let it go.

    • I once forgot who he was and he had his name in his status and still does. why not delete it? If I am not interested and any guy who isn't deletes the girls number. and a hugeee ego blow he decided to date another girl and sshe is lets just say not the prettiest, so talking to her satisfied him but to me not? I dont get it, he really hates me for no reason

    • You do understand that you're obsessing over this right, sit back and take a look at yourself. Not everyone deletes numbers. There are guys who I don't want to ever talk to in life but I don't block them cause I know it irks them that they can see me online and I won't respond.

      Guys don't see beauty the same way as girls and beauty is in the eye of the beholder anyway. He could be attracted to her body or sex skills more so than her face. You need to let this go. Just cause you may be pretty doesn't mean he'll be satisfied or likes all other aspects of you.

      Most normal people are happy when they see their ex or someone they just used to talk to couldn't get someone as pretty as them.

      Let it go!! Enjoy the meme.

    • by the way, I highly doubt he respects you. You said you guys went a bit far on your first date but it didn't lead to sex. Oral sex, finger etc... is pretty slutty when girls do it on the first date. He'll provably sleep with you and date you for a while but in his eyes you're probably a bit... you know...

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  • Gee wizz, what do you expect would happen when all you do is communicate through cell phones. People can either act or say things over the phone/internet that they don't mean while others take it as the truth.

    Oh... 24 days ago... so how's it been?

  • Sounds like too much drama to deal with


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