How's the story of the first time you asked someone out/were asked out?

I asked a girl out for the first time of my life today. How was yours?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Don't remind me. I ran away when he attempted to ask me out. I panicked.

    • Wow. Why?
      At least the girl I asked out didn't do that.

    • I was really into him and I was way too shy to say anything.

    • I see. Did you fix things with him after that?

Most Helpful Guy

  • This girl who I always saw as a friend cause she dated one of my friends then dated my best friend asked me if I wanted to see a movie sometime as we were leaving the library. I replied "cool who else is going?" >_>


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  • Well I asked my crush to hang out in January this year, and we didn't actually get around to it until March. Then again in April. Then again in June.

    But never really a date, so I don't know if that counts.
    Nobody has asked me out.


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