Should I call it quits?

After fighting and everything that was stated in the previous question, I have found that my boyfriend and I are not doing so well. We used to love spending time together and would text non-stop, because that is how much we cared. I ever told him I loved him and I really felt like I meant it at the time, but now. I don't, and he knows it.

Now-a-days we hardly talk at all. If he does text it's usually 1 or 2 words and our conversations are freakishly short.

He used to make me feel really special,but now, I'm lucky if I feel anything from him that isn't anger. I don't get him anymore, he's like those stupid rubix cubes, that I can't figure out.

I want us to work, I really do, but I think that the only reason we stay together is because its convenient.

When I need someone to cuddle with-he's there. When I need a date, someone to do something with-he's there, but I no longer feel any sense of flame or spark in our relationship. We are both bored of each other. It's not like we've been together long. We dated a couple times before,when I wasn't going through my confused state where I was going back and forth from one boy to the other, and he took me back all 3 times. Finally when I wanted to stay with him, he left me, because of sex reasons, and I'm sorry to admit, but I'm not comfortable with having sex with him. I'm not a virgin, but I find it difficult to open up to someone like that again, because of emotional reasons.

I no longer know what to do anymore. Alex(bf) and I, fight about the silliest things and I think its only because we don't have anything else to do, so we just makeup silly excuses to get mad,because than it's somewhat of excitement for us lol.

I want to know how I can get the old fling back between us, or if maybe. I should just let him go.


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  • He might be bitter about the lack of sex. Or maybe the spark has just died. It's hard to tell. You really have to talk to him and see what he's feeling.