Will hanging out with an ex always bring back feelings?

if you hang out enough/for long enough and you both had a serious relationship will it bring back feelings for sure?


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  • Yes. How could it not? Unless one of you is involved with someone else, I think sparks will still fly!

    • What if one is in a relationship with someone else

    • Depends how serious it really is. Just because one is in a relationship doesn't make them forget the feelings they had with you. But if they are in a serious relationship they may not want to hang out with you much because it may confuse them. He thought he was over you...now maybe not. Guys have a tendancy to freak out over the possibility of stirring up old feelings because its something they can't control unless they are not around you at all. Hope this helps!

    • That does help thanks, but what if he tells your friends that he likes having you around? I mean when I am around him it seems awkward and he doesn't seem to want me around but he tells my friends he likes when I come and hang out with them even if it is awkward

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