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Ok I met this girl in 10th grade and after being friends with her for a month I liked her a lot but I was too nervous to tell her and I thought she didn't like me cuz she was already taken. But then I was shocked that she asked me out instead then I said yes and she was really excited and happy she loved me and I loved her too. Anyway fast forward to a year and a half later I started to think that there was gonna be some other guy better for her than me but then she started be really bitchy to me and yelling and arguing with me about everything. Then I was getting worried that since I wasn't making her happy that she wants someone else who would make her happy. Then I kept asking her if she was gonna cheat on me and she really didn't like that saying that it hurt and made her feel horrible. Anyway next year at 12th grade there was this guy who she met in her class and he asked her if she has a boyfriend and she said yes. Now keep in mind he has a girlfriend and does this a lot. He said to her that ok I understand. Then one day I was with her and he was around talking to one of his friends and I had this gut feeling about him that something wasn't right and she said that oh don't worry he is only my friend nothing is gonna happen. So I said ok fine. Then after a month she called me and told me that she did I cheat on me and kissed him. But then me heartbroken I told her that I broke up with her because I needed time to think things through during this time I was with my friends as they were trying to cheer me up and her coming up to me saying how sorry she was and is willing to work things out with me everyday for a month. She was crying to me everyday I saw her It was clear she wanted me back and then she told me everything that happened and her words felt sincere but I don't know yet. Anyway she said that he was persistent and never left her alone asking her to have sex with him and that he was better for her than me. Anyway do you think I should take her back?
I mean she says that she is being a good girlfriend to me ever since then and she Is only doing it to make me happy. But I'm still worried about it. I mean I do appreciate what she is doing but still it hurts me so much. I don't know what to do I just want to be happy and trust her and listen to each other like she wants but I don't know if I will get taken for granted again.


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  • I wouldn't.


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