Ladies how would you feel about this?

So this girl and guy used to date and then they've been broken up for 4 years, but they are still friends. Everyone says that she still has a thing for him, but he's really indecisive so he never went back with her. You meet the guy this year and you want to date him and he kinda thinks your pretty but doesn't pursue you because he isn't sure you like him. Then he finds out later that you like him, and tells you that he isn't sure he wants to date you because he doesn't know you, but would like to get to know you. All of a sudden after years of watching him date other girls and after seeing you pursue this guy, that ex decided she wanted him back and somehow lured him in, thus causing him to not pursue you. How would you feel?
Like would you feel hurt?


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  • Meh. There would be no real feelings there yet so sure it would kinda suck, but that's life, on to the next one!

    • Can I private message you

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