I'm tired as fuck? I can't deal with it anymore?

I am stuck in life, i am 23 and live at home in my hometown i have always worked many jobs while going to school. I live with two clinical depressed people (my mother and sister) they are both insane, meaning they dont socialize or go to work or school, they are on welfare. I have one older brother and a younger sister who is cold as fuck, she never wants to help and just flaunts about her life, she keeps judging me because i live at home, while im more mature then her. My brother stopped talking to me because i live at home and he doesn't want anything to do with our mom and sis. I am the only one with an compassionate heart and always willing to help and my younger sis uses that, she keeps making me look bad or makes up reasons so i won't talk to her. She doesn't want to help me out and whenever i call her my number is blocked. Anyways, im torn, i want to move out maybe to another city and be on my own, but i dont have family nor friends over there, i dont study there and i dont have a job there, or maybe i should stay in my hometown, but i have no motivation to stay anymore, i have no motivation to socialize, be active, join clubs, make friends, etc nothing i feel dead inside and im all alone. My friends are all selfish and suprisingly all of them are depressed to. I HATE my life and feel like i am just surrounded by selfish people, no one wants to help all bunch of cold hearted people and im kinda sick of my life. My brother said its stupid to just move to another bigger city with no family around you. I m in survival mode everyday and its getting too much, what about my life? My life is not worth anything anymore, i feel like im alone in this world surrounded by a bunch selfish people, i dont have any other family or a boyfriend. What can i do?
I'm tired as fuck? I can't deal with it anymore?
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