How much of a turn off would it be to tell or admit to a pretty girl that I m lonely? I say pretty becasue theyre less tolerant and ususally?

i want real answers cause i m not sad so dont be gentle.



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  • I've seen this happen before and really he posted it all over social media how 'lonely' he was. So if you're not blurting it out to everyone you should be fine.

    • no i dont even have a girl to say it to. no social media isn't for posting personal issues. i feel people who do it makes themselves appear like they dont get the world isn't ready for that

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  • Loneliness does not determine someones worth or ability for another to be turned on or off. Lonely is usually a self diagnosis of worth.
    As in a prospective of dating another I wouldn't want someone I am after to be hooked up which usually would cure loneliness. So overall is doesn't matter what so ever.

    If I were you I would examine what makes you- you. Measure self-worth by how you treat others not how you feel about yourself what others may think, which they don't by the way.

    • what you said is true. but women today are intolerate and cold. they are image based and shallow. this is how they base value on others. to the degenerate social norms/culture of fake bad boys to sexualized women

      anyway, i dont ahve anyone, i m just curious what people think of this.

    • A little life trick of knowledge to everyone. People actually draw what they do not want because they are focusing on exactly what they do not want.
      Now with the same goal in mind just another perspective. If focused on "the positive outlook" you get the positive outcome.
      To your comment " Woman today are intolerant and cold" that is what you draw closer to you.
      If you just focus on "Women today are loving sweet and true looking for a person just like me" that is what you will draw towards you.
      Do you think it would be a fair presumption that women find all men jerks and losers?
      Do you belong in that category? (no need to answer just ask yourself)
      I didn't think so , So please keep an open mind you may benefit greatly.

    • i get everything you say but there is an issue with torontos social/dating scene i hear it from friends, i hear it from others i meet on the street, i hear it from youtube documentaries as its gotten very common at this point. bill burr spoke of the epidemic gold digging whores.

      faith and law of attraction has its limits but i do beleive that there are good people and what youve mentioned will give me the best probablities.

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  • Telling a girl you're lonely is a huge turn off. It makes you appear weak and emotionally fragile. Don't do it unless you're trying to make sure that she and her friends will never date you.

  • waitt relaxx man!!! Don't bro, your gonna sound very needy and weak. That's a huge turn off man.


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