What things I should not do on a first date?

Just wondering if I'm doing fine on dates, I was in a long relationship that recently ended so I am back in track again.


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  • Well if your a guy, don't whine, complain, talk about exes, talk about politics, religion, don't be clingy, don't be too nice, don't be a complete ass, don't try and get her drunk to have sex with her, don't talk about sex unless she brings it up, and don't be weird or creepy.


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  • READY?.

    Don't Nag

    Don't cling to him if he has to leave

    Don't have sex on the first 3 dates!

    Don't tell him what to do

    Don't show insecurity

    Don't be jealous

    Don't talk bad about other women

    Don't take the lead, let him take the lead

    Don't open up too fast

    Don't lie

    Don't talk too much

    Don't talk about your Ex

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