Why did he stop talking to me?

So this guy I really liked added me on Facebook after we had only met once, and he started writing to me all the time. We got to know each other better and better, he told me I was a very nice girl, and a beautiful person, and so on, and I really started to care for him. Eventually, he asked me to come sleep over at his friends house With him and two of his guy friends, and I did. I told my parents I was sleeping over at a friends house. (I had not ever met his two friends and I know it was very risky) Everything went great, and he and I slept together in the same bed. He dindt try anything, we just spooned and it sounded like he wanted to meet me again after this (he had asked me if I wanted to try and smoke weed With him earlier and this night he asked me if I was sure I really wanted to) So, the problem is that after this he just stopped talking to me. And I have no Idea why. He even wrote to me a week or so after and told me to start talking to his friend because hw thinks I am pretty. I was very sad after this happend, and I miss him. In school, he just avoids looking at me. He is really depressed, he has told me this, could that be the reason why? I really dont know and I really need some advice. Why did he stop talking to me, is it because of his depression? And why won't he Even look at me in school? Thanks for helping me :) (i am sixteen years Old, we both are)


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  • He ran out of things to say


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