Is it a bad idea to get your friends ex?

My friend from work went out with a guy for about a month, I got to know him when they started dating and we became mates. When they broke up I still was talking to him, he's a funny guy and we get on really well. A couple days he told me to come over to his desk , which I did, and he basically asked me out, and told me not to tell my friend. I told him maybe because if it did go further then my mate woulf eventually find out. I do really like him but I feel like going on a date with him would piss of my mate and she would probably be really mad, but I would like to go out with him. Does anybody have any opinions on this? Thanks!


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  • Been down this road (girlfriend A met future girlfriend B at work, future girlfriend B and I worked together, they became friends while I was still with girlfriend A), feel free to go for it but understand that you will probably damage/ruin the friendship with your female friend if you start dating her ex...


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