Girls, Do you want to fall in love?

What would you do different then your past relationships?


Would your rather be single and just hook up?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I would rather stay single and sexless than "hook up" with anyone ever again.

    Because I've been played, I have irreversible mistrust of guys.
    Because of my low self esteem I know I will just end up in a toxic relationship, where they will never treat me right, respect me, or love me.

    So I won't bother with it.

    Had sex, been there done that. Not worth putting my feelings in a woodchiper.
    What would I do different in my past relationships? I would listen to my gut and leave with my dignity intact.

    • Damn well I don't know what happens in your past relationship but Im sure if you give the right guy a chance you might be surprised.. but sounds like your done with us u_U

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