How come I fantasize about my crush, but when I get next to her I shut down?

I told myself that i was going to confess to her
her name is autumn.. she goes to my school, she has really pretty long red hair, she's somewhat short,
and i liked her since the first day of school.

i don't even know if she likes me we never talk, she talked to me a lot when i first got there curious of my name, last school, etc but i always stare at her and just wonders if she likes me she stares at me too but only when she see's my sitting with my sister.. then she stares I don't know why..

anyways i was daydreaming about

pulling her to the side on the way to the lunch room and telling her that she doesn't have to like me i just wanted to tell her how much i liked her to get it out of my system but once i looked in her eyes i just shut down and passed her up...

how come when i'm at home or another class i always tell myself to tell her but when i'm next to her and she looks at me i just shut down and look the other way?


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  • Sounds like you like her so much that once you get the chance to talk to her you just totally shut down and get nervous, its a common thing :)

    • i do
      i don't know why i like her, i just knew when i 1st saw her, i was going to

    • ah yeah its just your shyness kickin in :)
      just make sure if you ever tell her you like her, make sure you actually do , cause you just said " i don't know why i like her" so get that part sorted first :)

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  • dont be shy!! it robs you of great relationships and experiences in life! you woo that lucky female man!! assert your alphaness all over her until she wants your last name bruh!!

    • doubt she will i saw her on facebook
      i was going to add her but changed my mind and she posted a picture with a boy sometime in decmber last year you could tell they liked eachoter, if anything she wants his last name

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