Curious on peoples thoughts on dating co-workers?


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  • I gave it a shot. For some reason, even after I paid for both tickets to a movie, she still didn't understand it was a date. Then she played dumb when i actually used the word "date" and rejected me the day before I wanted to take her out.

    • Omg this is kinda my same deal so this guy took me on a date to the movies and we had a good time then he doesn't mention the date for weeks and people at work are like ask him out but I didn't because usually after you go on date you tell the person if u like them or not so I assumed he didn't like them out of the blue on day he ask me out but I have to work and then I never hear about a date again like really and he does work two jobs and goes to school but he could have been like hey I really like you I don't know when but we should go out soon and I would have understood this wasn't supposed to be a rant he just confuses the crap out of me

    • Well, in my case there is a 13 year age difference that I'm on the top of. We had worked the same shift, but we were working different shifts when I'd ask her to do things.

      Unfortunately, I also had a pushy male coworker who "encouraged" me to continue asking even when it should have been clear that she was saying "no" by saying nothing.

      As for my movie experience, I told her I enjoyed it pretty soon after the actual "hang out".

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