Can a guy have too many girls who are friends (to the point that it effects how other girls view him)?

I am a really nice and friendly guy, and I talk to just about any girl that I meet. I like being friendly with people, and while I am never around one particular girl that much, at parties and stuff you might find me talking to a girl for a good portion of the party, sometimes I talk to her because I am interested, but most of the time I just do it to make a friend. Anyway I dont get a lot of interest from girls, in fact almost none that I can think of in the past year. Since I talk to so many girls (I would say I am friendly with about 20 girls, enough that I could sit with them at lunch and talk) I thought at least one of them would like me, but so far no, and on top of that I haven't had any girls that I dont know express interest in me. Is it bad for me to have so many girl friends? Could that send bad signals to girls that are potentially interested? Would girls be turned off if they see a guy talking to a different girl all the time?


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  • It's never a bad thing to have friends. But like If you're at a party or something and talking with a girl friend, there aren't many girls that will try to pick you up. I think you either need to try meeting romantic interests more one on one or ask your friends to introduce you to someone.


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  • Since girls tend to be so damn passive when it comes to dating (for some weird reason), YOU need to show interest first, and hope hat hey reciprocate. Very few girls take the initiative to show interest first.

    • So true, it pisses me off but thats how they work.

    • No need to be pissed. At least we as guys have the option to 'choose' which girl we approach, instead of having to sit around and wait for someone to approach us (like most girls do). This kind of passive approach hurts girls more than guys.

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  • Talk to her

    • There is no "her". I am "interested" in several girls right now, but I can't decide between them. I was hoping one would step up and show interest in me, but apparently women dont do that. Now I am wondering why they dont show interest in me.

    • You be the one to led them on, if they don't follow that means they are not interest in you

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  • When a girl sees you around girls, she wonders what is it that makes them be around you, so it's attractive in a way. But if they see you around different girls all the time they will think you're some sort of a player, and someone who most likely flirts and has sex with many girls, and that's not attractive to them (most of them).

    Like the other guy said, show interest in a girl you like, don't wait for her to show interest first cause that's most likely not gonna happen. Most girls will only start showing interest when they know the guy is interested, even if they've been interested in him for months.
    So maybe some of those girls do like you, or are interested in you, but since you don't show signs of interest, they stay quiet.

    Another reason to why you haven't had girls show interest in you, may be that you're too friendly and don't build sexual tension, you just come off as a guy who wants to have a chat and nothing else.


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