Guys, help me to forget him?

We met 3 years ago and had a great chemistry and liked each other a lot. We had also difficult times in relations a couple of times, but always ended up together again and had our chemistry like in the begining.
But all changed lately. He now work in many countries and we rarely see each other.
I feel he is about to leave, we wrre so close and now i dont feel any connection between us.
I was very attached to him, so thay now when i feel its over i feel lost.
I tried to date, but nothing and no one like him.
We met recently, after 2 month. And we tried to be rhe same, but i just feel that we can't ve the same any more.
Like we have no connection any more.
He still my ideal and all that u need, but he changed and i can't stand him being so cold with me. But still love him very much.
Time to let go? But how?


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  • it is time to let go, because you are in love with the idea of him and not the him he is now.

    as for the how... it's all about time. it's a cliche but time is the best healer. Occupy your mind with something else and eventually you'll think about them less and less.

    • I wonder what made want to answer so old question?
      As says "meal is good when its hot"
      So ur question is freaking late and therefore not helpful

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    • Next time just look at date of the question... If u would have qrote me this when i just asked ( half a year ago), u would really help me, but not now.
      Its all in past now

    • well as I said, I'm new and there was no date on the question.

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