Why am I not enjoying life and just surviving?

I m 23 and supposed to be enjoying life, but i am not enjoying life at all. I sometimes blame my hometown or maybe i think its me, but im not enjoying life, never had, everyday is surviving. I get agitated easily, frustrated, impatient and sometimes i just want to move but then i get angry at my mother for choosing this place to settle, if she had moved maybe i would have gotten used to a better bigger place and lived happier. Im used to my hometown now and im scared i will never leave, it hurts me that maybe im just doomed to be depressed.


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  • Why don't you go traveling or find a hobby? Life is very exciting; in retrospect, boring is a good thing at times.

  • All these are just problems you diverted to not look at yourself. You need to calm yourself first. Life will never be perfect for everyone. Appreciate what you have and just do your best in life.

    • wtf is that supposed to mean

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    • Calm down first...

    • ok...

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