Meeting a guy, but not sure to go ahead and date or not?

I met a guy a few weeks ago and we just immediately clicked. We sat and chatted for hours on end, only problem is, i can only see him when im at my second job, im only starting out in life therefore im a very busy person, i want him to understand that but i dont want to lose the one guy i actually feel a connection with, i can't see him regularly because of my two jobs, he doesn't work as much but he works odd hours. so im stuck with a huge problem, i want the relationship to go further but i dont want to get hurt, what do i do? do i sit back and let nature take its course, or should i take the first step, in which case, which way should i take it, further or end it?


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  • It may be too soon to know where things are going, and also that's a mutual decision. If he knows you have two jobs I'm sure he understands that you can't see him on a daily basis. The relationship can go further regardless, it all depends on how much you start caring for each other.


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