Girls, have you ever slowed things down with a guy you really liked?

So I've been on a few dates with this girl, we've made out a decent amount and we get along really well. On the most recent date she came over to hang out and watch a movie. It was a movie she really liked. We were cuddling on the couch and I would slowly start touching her more and more, and she never once moved my hand so I kept going. Eventually, I was rubbing her over the pants and then we started to make out. She said I was really good at kissing her neck and things were going well. Randomly in the middle, she'd pull back and comment on the movie. After a couple minutes, we'd be back at it, but then she'd do it again. But she was enjoying herself because she started to slightly moan.

Then she looked at her watch and said, I have to get going soon, I have something I have to do in the morning. She told me what it was and said she really did have to do it, because I probably had a look on my face that she was lying. I walked her to her car, we kissed there and I told her to text me when she got home. She did and we continued texting for a bit, she said she had fun and was using a lot of emoticons.

I do think she likes me and that the date went well, I really don't care that the date didn't go further, it was just demoralizing how she cut me off at the knees basically in the middle. It made it seem like it wsn't going well and that she wasn't interested. But once again, she never once stopped me touching her and in the middle of us talking, I would be massaging down low or on her boob. Girls, have you ever pulled back and slowed things down with a guy you liked?


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  • I agree with @darkrose328 but I also think its her way of telling you that she's thinking she would like take things a bit further maybe. Probably not right now and so full on just that its lingering in her mind. She wants to enjoy the other things your doing and sharing together and wants to know that you enjoy that with her too. Just because she isn't being as sexual as you'd like, pulling back isn't a way of pushing you away from her, in fact the opposite because she wants the other kind of intimacy too rather than the sexual kind. She obviously likes you very much, she just wants confirmation whether you might want more some day. Let her know. Pulling back is like a girls way of asking where he's at in terms of what does he want in his life and what would he like to happen with her. Enjoy your time together, don't over think all her actions. If it happens again then just let it go, you know you have sexual chemistry and there's always time after the movie finishes :p Chill :D Enjoy the fact that she likes you and loves spending time with you.


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  • Yup, sounds like she just wants to take time to think and be sure thats the way she wants things to go.

  • Maybe she likes you and just does not want to give it up so soon.

  • Yes, i believe in no sex before marriage so i have many times. Don't let it bother you or anything like that, she's probably just nervous and doesn't want to commit too fast


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