Is he worth it?

I'm talking to this guy and I'm starting to wonder if he's worth it. He is very sweet, understanding, and patient. He makes me feel beautiful and appreciated "sometimes", mostly when we're together. I like him a lot, but I don't trust him.

My biggest issue is that he likes other girls photos on Facebook. He will like not one but multiple photos of the same trashy girls.

It really bothers me that he likes other girls photos, because:
1) He hasn't liked any of my photos
2) The girls look very trashy and ghetto.
I'm not trashy or ghetto. It really upsets me that he'd rather like a trashy picture of a ghetto girl, over a nice photo of me.

My second biggest issue is how he texts me.
I feel like I can't have a conversation with him that flows via text. He takes forever to respond to one text and makes very little effort to keep the conversation going. He can log onto FB 24/7 but can't text me properly.

He claims he likes me a lot, but these two issues are making me start not to believe him. I don't know what to do. I'm losing sleep over this. I've been hurt in the past and I don't want it to happen again. We've talked about the second issue and I can tell he's trying to fix it,"a little".

Is he worth it?


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  • From what you have told it seems it is not worth it.
    Forget about facebook. It means really nothing.
    But how we connect to you is really weak. He is either playing games with you ör he is not interested. Neither of them is good.


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  • No - actions speak louder than words. Just take some space from him for a bit.

  • Probably not worth it, like 99% probably.

  • Nope not worth it


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