To text or not to text?

Haven't spoken to my crush in a while. My last message to him was Thursday (Oct 29) cutting off a conversation saying, "Well have a good night and fantastic vacation." Now in my head I was angry as hell cause he'd said that week we would try to catch up and didn't, but I don't think he got that from that message.

Anyway, he'll be back from his vacation tomorrow (Sunday), should I text him and ask how it went etc. or should I just let him go?

I am not afraid to text first, but lately I have been the one texting first. Leaving him alone since last Thursday was because he went on vacation with his 20 year old daughter this past week and I wanted to give them their space together since each one of their busy lives doesn't allow them any quality time together.
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Thanks for all your help. Voters are 50/50 and commenters are 100% sure I should text lol what to do?


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  • life is short, maybe he's an airhead and you're a great catch and he doesn't know it, or doesn't see the crushing

    i agree with @AmandaLynn1930, tell him you miss him , can't really lose
    pride is one thing but if you DO miss him you can be honest about that too =)

    • Thanks, it's nice to hear a guy's perspective on things. And I am an awesome catch lol :-)

    • the thing with guys sometimes is they dont know when a girl is into them even if you giive VERY good hints, ESPECIALLY if you are an amazing catch, its kind of like... no... me? nah... really? lol

      think of it this way, if you dont grab him and he's a good catch, someone else might who was a bit more forward.

      my first girlfriend totally came after me and omg what a catch i had NO fuckin idea. she was older had a nice job very attractive. i wasn't as dense as most men but it was still a surprise

    • Thanks! I think I'll message tomorrow then and tell him I missed him too. I do agree that I need to be more vocal with him.

Most Helpful Girl

  • If he wants to talk to u he'll text u...
    But if u miss him, just send him a little text saying u hope he had a good time and tell him u missed him.
    It's a win win either way really :)

    • Thanks, you're right. Can't lose either way. Maybe I'll send it tomorrow afternoon.

    • don't maybe it if you can avoid putting it off. the seconds of life tick away and if it makes your heart happier to do so, then be happy too

    • @watcher617x good point about not waiting. It's true that putting it off is just a waste of time when we could already be talking.

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  • I say give home a saynoe so to unwind from vacay... and to see if he will text you... If not text him and feel it out.

    • So when do you think I should text? Cause I'm not exactly sure when he's getting back, all I know is he'll be back for work Monday.

    • So if he does not text you by Monday. Send him a good morning text to let him know you missed him and take it from there.

    • Okay thanks. I will think about texting him Monday.

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