What should I wear today for my first date?

Today I'm having my first date with a really nice guy. He is very sweet and seems to really like me more than any guy ever has and the same goes for me with him he is taking me for a walk in the park to a waterfall which he says "It's a very romantic place." I'm very nervous because I'm not sure what to wear so far what I have set out is a pair of skinny jeans, a red long sleeve cute shirt, and boots. I'm 17 years old and he is 18. I'm not sure if this outfit is the best first date outfit even though I am a skinny jeans type of girl I love them. Anyway what would you recommend as a good first date outfit to a place like this? Is my outfit sound good to wear or should I pick something else? Please help?


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  • If you are comfortable in the outfit, then you should wear it, but if aren't then don't. It sounds like you would be comfy and are just nervous about the date, but if you really aren't than change your shirt and wear whatever shirt you own that you usually get the most compliments on. It automatically makes you feel better about your looks because you associate that shirt with getting compliments which makes you feel good. Same goes for shoes.

    good luck on the date!

    • Thank you. :) and the shirt compliments my curves very nicely. :) I'm just nervous that's all. tehe.

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  • kay. so I'm fourteen. But, like, my sister had the same thing going on for her. He's her fiancee now, though xD.

    So Bree wore skinny jeans, dark ones, and black strappy heels. They weren't like, hooker heels tho, so be careful ;]

    she had a big belt, & it was like, the brownish leather ones, with a Peace sign as the buckle. tucked in to her pants, she had a lace-strap tank, that was like, flowy...it was white. But any colour works. It looked amazing on her. :D

    However, seeing as your going to a waterfall, try gladiator sandals, flat ones, & a tee, not a tank.

    I kinda want to say that your shirt should accent your eye colour...it always looks cute. Makes you seem down to earrth. :]

    hope I helped!

  • I wonder how it went:)