Do you think she likes me?

This is well over do to ask but there's this girl that back in 8th grade I liked her and I heard she liked me back but I was to much of bitch to go in cause she had a boyfriend I thought but freshmen year she was in my gym class we talked and had like awkward convos like I can't explain it when ever she needed to ask a question that is reletavily inappropriate to ask someone she would ask me like questions about sex and stuff but this year I only see her after lunch and she always catches me looking at her but the thing is I'm actually catching her looking at me and she always says why are. U looking at me and when ever we see each other around school she always makes these weird faces at me and I don't know why but I don't wanna ask her out or start talking to her cause I think it's to late now I don't know tho


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  • How is it too late? If she single ask her out on a date


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