What do you do when friends and family left you?

My mother is clinically depressed, so is my older sister. My older sister used to be one of my best friends, but she isn't herself anymore and hasn't been for 8 years now. So she is pratically dead. My older brother and younger sister shut me out of their lives and activities, they only hang out with each other and i have done so much for my younger sister, always giving her moral support and she keeps denying me by simple not being there for me. I have a feeling they are jealous of me and want to keep me unhappy on purpose. My friends never want to go out and im tired of dealing with anti social people, because of that i feel depressed. Im tired of my life. I feel like im missing out on a lot, maybe i should move to another different city? but im all alone and maybe without fam its gonna be harder,,,


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  • Come here we will live together... ;)


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