Why did he lose interest in me?

I met this really cute guy and he asked me for my phone number. He started texting me and we texted back and forth for about a month. We would call for about an hour every night, he was super sweet and we went out on 2 dates. I thought everything was going really well when i suddenly felt him starting to pull away. He would ask to call less, he would ask me out but never put any iniative into planning these dates and when i tried to iniate it he would always have an excuse as to why he could not come and not offer any other days instead. I asked him out 4 times, and each time he had an excuse why he was "busy". He stopped replying as frequently and in general, I could feel him losing interest. Finally, I just gave up and stopped texting him. But he continues to text me and get upset when I ignore his texts. So basically, i'm really confused as to why he lost interest to begin with? And i'm also confused as to why he's still texting me when he has made it blatantly obvious that he isn't into me? And what should i do? Is there a way to make him interested again?


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  • To him you are an option, not a priority. He doesn't exert any effort to be with you. Guys who really like a girl will do almost anything to spend time with her.

    I'm also worried that "he... gets upset when I ignore his texts". Too controlling. What you should do is find another guy. This one is into himself way more than he's into you.

    • Why am I an option to him? How do I make myself a priority? Also, today he literally texted my name and when I replied with a "heyyy" he said "hmmmm" and i go "what is that supposed to mean?" and he says "I dont knowww go figure" like, what game is he playing at with me? Do i just ignore him? I'm so confused. He does not make any sense at all!

    • He's just playing with you, no real interest and there's probably nothing you can do to change that. He's not a nice person. Forget him and find someone else.

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