Should I tell my parents I'm going out with this girl?

So I am going out tomorrow night with this girl and we are going to the beach, but I dont know if I should tell my parents Im going out with her or just tell them Im going with some friends. It isn't even really like a formal date, and its the first time we have gone out together. My parents are kinda weird people, so I've never really told them about girls that I've liked and all that stuff. Im trying to decide if I should tell them the truth or just lie. I kinda want to lie becuase then they will b asking me all these questions about the 2 of us for like months, even if we decide not to have a relationship. On the other hand I do want to tell them becuase I think hiding it is kinda a lot of effort, and I feel like I should be comfortable telling my parents these things by now, but Im kinda not. What do you think?
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  • If you're having doubts about telling them then maybe don't tell them that you're going out with her until after tomorrow then if that goes well then maybe you could tell them and if not then at least it saves the questions :)


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  • Tell them you're going with friends. There's no sense in telling them about a girl before you even know where the relationship is going. If you guys continue dating for sure tell them but at this point you may hang out twice and never again & your mom'll be asking about that nice girl. It's totally fine to wait to tell them, avoid the whole onslaught of questions before it's really even time to think about such things.


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  • Just tell them you're going out with a girl but it's not serious at the moment so not to make a big deal out of it, and you'll answer any questions about her they may have later.


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