Girls, what would you think in this situation?

Say a guy asked you on a date a short while ago. You told him no for whatever reason. You're not interested in him, you don't want a relationship right now, etc. You guys text occasionally through out that time span. Nothing big. Just a hi every now and then. Then he texts you to ask you to hang out as friends again. How many of you would say yeah he's over me and he's just trying to be friends now? Or how many of you would say "he's just trying to use that as a way to get close to me because he's still interested?

Also note that you and him knew each other prior to him asking you out. You two have spent time together prior to him asking you on a date. So he's not just some guy you met at a bar the night prior and he asked you out the next day.
  • I'd say he's still interested and still wants to date me
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  • I'd say he's gotten over me and just wants to be friends
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What's everyone's reasoning behind their opinions?


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  • I'd just assume that he wanted to try and build up our friendship again so I'd probably say yes.


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