Has this "use to be fuck boy" changed?

This boy called George, use to be a fuck boy and he messed me around before.. Only wanted sex while he was having sex with other girls. He told me hownje did like me And then turned around and said he isn't looking for a relationship. And about 5 months later he text me, and we meet up, and we were chilling as per usual stuff, and then 3rd time meeting we cuddle, and I spoken to him saying I don't want to make things complicated and he saidc they won't be as he doesn't either. Then we meet again, and there is kissing and cuddles, and I told him how I do like him, I don't want to be messed around, so we can either stop or actually be serious about things. And he said he likes me back, explained to me how he stopped speaking to girls within the month we didn't talk, said he wants to see how things go and he will let me know if he ever thinks no.. He has planned things ahead what we will do, he has tried sex about 2 times but I said no, he said he was glad he said that tbf and we have only done things as I'm scared obviously.. He says he isn't like that anymore. Told his friends he can't go out clubs as he is seeing someone, said to a girl how he can't meet her as he is seeing someone. Do I believe that he isn't a fuck boy or is this all lies again? He seems more serious than he did before, but I'm seriously so scared


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  • To be completely honest with you, I think everyone deserves a 2nd chance. On the other hand, I strongly believe that once a fuckboy, always a fuckboy.

    Don't let him take advantage of you. Do what you are comfortable doing, and don't let yourself become 100% dependant on him.

    • Yeah, I will keep sex away.. Only problem is, I see him like 1 or 2 times a week, because he goes gym after work and Thays around 6 and then finishes at 8, rarely he doesn't go gym

    • I believe the best thing for you to do is write out the good things vs. the bad things (like reasons why you would give him a second chance, and reasons why you wouldn't) - it would give you a clearer way to look at it..

      Normally, I would tell you to go for it because you might regret not going for it.. but since you already have a history with this guy who hasn't treated you right before, I would be more careful. You are the most important person to yourself - you don't want to get hurt making the same mistake. Remember there are literally millions of other guys out there for you.

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  • I can't say for sure but all I can do is to tell you to tread with caution


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  • I support the first opinion of each gender, they both are the same, and I do believe it can turn both ways (like what they pointed out)... there's no definite here so...

    P. S. The first guy would be Tibbers and girl will be luvstoned4him

    • Yeah, I suppose so too! Fed up with getting hurt, and this is the first mature boy I have met and literally want everything to go well. But like it's been said, don't depend on them which I need to do

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