A great relationship always end up bad? Please help me?

At first I was all happy about dating I even had a boyfriend of two years but we recently broke up because our relationship wasn't the greatest (cheating, lies, jealousy, etc.) my sister told me that when it comes to a relationship that it will never be perfect and i understand that relationships will have fights and disagreement but she told me that that's not what she's talking about. She claims that any relationship that seems really good is basically fake and will end up abusing, cheating, or hurting you in any other form. At first i thought she was crazy but all her friends agreed with her saying their isn't such thing as a perfect guy and any guy that is always romantic and have you feeling like your relationship is heaven, that he is actually up to no good. Now i am afriad to date again because my ex and i our relationship started off great and tgen everything went all bad of course we stuck it out and tried to make things work but obviously we failed. What do you all think about this? Please serious answers only!


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  • Your friends are bitter and jaded, there are people who are in loving and healthy relationships and have been for years. Of course their relationships have never been plain sailing because arguments and disagreements happen but if you go through life with the mind set of your sister and her friends you are doomed for failure.


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  • Aww sweetie I'm so sorry that you had such a bad experience with this :(

    first off, you are right about all relationships having their flaws (arguments and stuff). Heck me and my boyfriend argue a lot, but that's what makes a relationship healthy. However, not every good relationship is not abusive or any of that at all. In fact, it's not hard to tell if a good relationship is abusive or bad, because both people will be unhappy to the point where you can't hide it (trust me, I was in a abusive relationship once and it only lasted a day when I said you know what, peace out).

    When I say this I mean it in the most respectful terms possible, it seems as if your friends or aqanitences are bitter about their past relationships, and you should not let their opinions influence you. You should follow that voice in your heart that says maybe I should start to find someone. You are allowed to be happy. DO NOT DENY YOURSELF THAT RIGHT.

    Also, there IS such thing as a perfect guy, and trust me when I say this, you will know when you find him.

    Go out there, follow your heart and allow yourself to be happy. You will need to have your heart broken every now and then but I promise you will find that perfect guy <3

    best of luck!!


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  • In relationships, nothing is certain. SADLY. So you have to keep on trying, or put at risk as little as possible, so the damages are minimal.

    Don't be afraid, just be prepared! That's all.

  • Your sister and her friends are all wrong. You all met the wrong kind of guys.


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  • The strength of a relationship is measured by the bad times not the good. Every relationship faces issues/problems at some stage. So a great relationship is not having the absence of problems, it's having the ability to overcome them... together as a couple.

    Most people encounter failed relationships in their lifetime. Failed relationships are never a waste of time, because even though they didn't bring you what you did want, they teach you what you do want.

    Relationships need to be worked on , two people have to communicate, compromise and understand each other's need. The relationship will only survive if the both of them are wanting the same thing.

    • See thats what she was talking about with the whole every relationship has their good times and bad times but the bad times is actually cheating and etc. is that true? I was wishing the bad times could be a disagreement or something. Not something that would break my heart.

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    • So you basically agree with my sister.

    • Every relationship has the potential to fail, most do but not all do

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