Does he want a relationship or just wants a girlfriend?

I just started dating this guy 2 weeks ago. We started chatting online through an online dating site. 2 weeks ago we decided to meet. He took me out to dinner and we had an ok time. He asked me out before the date ended which is a big plus. He's been courting me ever since. We met up again to go bowling and out to dinner again. And a few days later again. Our conversations is what concerns me. He's talking like he's more interested in being able to say he's in a relationship than actually finding someone he's truly attracted to. He says he really likes me and blah blah blah. He's already dropped the marriage word and living together. He's very interested in meeting my kids and helping around the house but this all seems to be moving too fast. I told him I'm not going to introduce my kids for a while, like months, and I'm feeling pressured into moving fast in this relationship and don't know how to tell him without upsetting him. I've told him several times before we are moving too fast and he responds with i know what I like and you're it. I feel this could be a great guy but this could all go south if he's not understanding that I need time. I've been single for years and I'm not about to jump into anything serious. Doesn't mean I don't want a serious relationship cause I do. He's wanting to be intimate and I know I'm not ready for that. I feel bad cause he's been very generous. He doesn't let me pay for anything. Any advice on the matter on how he's feeling and about his side, that I should do will help. We are both adults with successful careers. Well of living on our own but would like to find that someone special.


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  • If you honestly feel like it's going too fast for you then you should tell him that you want to go a bit slower. If he really cares and respects you then he would understand. But you really should tell him if you don't feel completly OK with the speed of which things are going because if you don't, you will feel even more unsure of things.

    good luck!! xxx


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