Girls, Question for Shy/Timid Girls?

I'm close friends with a shy/timid girl whom i email and text frequently and we chat. We both like each other, she'll meet me for coffees but when it comes to going out with me alone she will only do it in groups. We both work for the same company and both of us are looking for new jobs. i think until one of us leaves it may continue like this. I'm unsure if i need to ask her does she want to go on a date as i'm afraid i'll freak her out or do i choose an opportunity when out with her to ask her what does she want or do i just give it time?


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  • maybe casualy ask her what do you like to do on your free time. (She may tell you I dont know going to the movies or coffee shops whatever she tell) then you can pick something she mention ask her would you like to hangout with me we can go to the place you like.

  • Does she have an issue with being alone with you on a date regardless where it is?

    • she'll meet me for a coffee no problem, but if it involves alcohol we won't. A few wees ago she suggested we go to a beer festival together, then she said the following week, we'd get a few going, so a few went, then at it, she let me put her arm around her and hold her lap but the others then went, it was just the two of us, she got in a panick, looking for the others, then left shortly, i'ts like she panicks, almost afraid.

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    • You can ask her but don't push her if she doesn't want to talk about it. Just be patient with her.

    • Thanks good advice

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