How do I get cute guy at the gym to talk to me?

There's a cute guy I've been noticing for a while at the gym. He takes a lot of they fitness classes that I do, such as insanity, GRIT strength, and bodypump (basicially intense cardio or weighttraining classes). I think we know each other's names, but that's it. I don't even know if he's single. Both of us are friends with the instructor. Today in class, he set up his equipment next to me, and he's never done that before. However, I didn't notice when he came in and was away from my equipment when he came in, so he probably didn't know that he set up his equipment next to mine until I came back. We have never spoken to each other though. I am really shy, and have a hard time talking to guys, so he is no exception. I am also very insecure about my body. I have wide hips and legs. He is also skinnier than me. I also have really bad acne (that im taking medication for), but all of that makes me really self conscious. I don't have the courage to approach him first. How do I get him to start talking to me?


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  • First, I'm going to need a few things:

    1- how many times a week do you see him?

    2- do you smile at him?

    3- have you and he ever talked to the instructor at the same time?

    4- How many Gus are in the class?

    PS. I do BP 3/4X a week.

    • 1. I've seen him a couple times a week. maybe 2-3.
      2. I'm always smiling, But I don't directly smile at him.
      3. Yes, a few times.
      4. i would say 30 - 40% are guys.

    • Use #3 as an "in" to start talking to him. PM me since I think this is gonna take awhile.

  • Ask him to help you lift.


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