Do independent people ever have successful relationships with other independent people?

I'm a very independent guy. I keep to myself and always work on improving myself and accomplishing my dreams while I see most other people screwing around and doing nothing with their lives. I'm only attracted to women that have to same drive and independence as me, but finding a girl like that who is also attractive and finds me attractive is near impossible. This doesn't mean that I'm giving up, but does it ever even work out if two independent people date?


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  • Well, the very point of a relationship (with a romantic and exclusive components) is to share something with each other, a connection, that you don't with others. So to nurture that connection, and tend to the relationship to make it fulfilling, at some point you'll have to give up a little bit of your independence, to allow yourself to trust, and then depend, on the other person. That's how you bond and grow as a couple. If you continue to resist doing that to keep your independence above all other things, then you will most likely not maintain a relationship, because your partner will want to feel needed by you in some way, and feel that they can give you what no one else can, and that's why you chose them out of everyone else. If you don't allow yourself to want or even need something from others, people will quickly feel like they don't have value to you, and they certainly won't feel liked a valued member of a couple, if you prioritize your independence and own aspirations, above caring about them and theirs (to an extent).

    • True... I'm willing to give up part of my independence for a relationship, but I do not like depending on people. I'm the type of guy that watches my own back.

    • As I said, your partner would like to feel that they're needed in some way, and that you trust them so much that you do depend on them. That's how a deep bond with grow.

  • If you put in the work it does. I personally don't like clingy guys. Guys with drive and ambition is what personally catches my attention. I can understand a busy schedule but I just need to know how the relationships going to be from the start. You have to make time for each other even if it's just a few minutes on the phone or a 20 minute date.


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