My long distance girlfriend ignores me sometimes?

My girlfriend is in love with me. If I had any doubt of that, we would not be together because that's all that made me willing to try a distance relationship. It would kill her if I broke up with her. But she ignores me at times. She's off at college and I'm 2000 miles away working full time. At night I get off, and she's always too busy to talk. She has a good social life. I know she would never cheat on me, so that doesn't bother me. But it bothers me some that it feels like she doesn't have time to talk to me. To the point that I wonder why I'm even in this relationship. She sends me really sweet texts at times, and is way excited that I'm flying out soon. But still, it bothers me that she acts too busy for me. And I know if I mention that it bothers me, she'll get all bummed out and stop being social entirely. I don't want that. Am I being overly sensitive? Or should that bother me?


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  • Like she sees your messages and just doesn't reply? Yeah thats a bad sign and you have a reason to be worried about it. And it will probably only get worse with time unless you are planning on moving closer to each other in the nearish future.

    • No, nothing like that. She just has a life. And goes to parties. And constantly is going somewhere, so we don't get to talk. She never outright ignores me. But I have very little going on aside from work, and she has a ton going on. So it feels like she's one of the few things I care about, but she has plenty of other stuff going on. So I guess the distance things easier for her

    • She's who I want to be with, but I don't know if I want to deal with the distance thing anymore. And feeling kinda insignificant.

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