This girl texts me, studies/tutors me, tells me everything, has a lot in common with me, and makes a lot of time to be with me but does she like me?

This girl in a few of my classes starting talking to me and my friends randomly one day. I thought she was cute. This went on for a little while and then I invited her to do homework with us and she agreed and took my number. When I texted her for first time, we didn't say much, just where to meet up to do homework but it was her and I alone doing the homework for awhile and we started talking. She would tell me about herself and I'd tell her a little bit about myself. We realized we have a lot in common and when we went home we kept texting each other. Now, when we text she complains about her roommate or tells me her family drama or we will just talk about random stuff. If I don't text her, she does text me first. She says she likes talking to me and that I make her laugh a lot. So, when I failed a quiz she said she would tutor me and help me get an A and we set up a date to help me. We also studied together a few other times before, we never really get a lot done because we just talk. Honestly, we got together once and did literally no work. I called her cute once and she was like what? and seemed confused. Sometimes she will complain about other guys who like her to me and say their just weird and how she ignores them when were alone together. We sit really close together and she doesn't seem to pull away though and she always seems to make time for me. What I mean is, that if I ask her to come hang out with me and she's not free, she will give me another time to hang out. She also invited me to her place once but it didn't happen because she was called into work that day so we ended up meeting on campus. I just don't know what to think. I can't tell if she just sees me as a good friend or someone she likes or if its just to early to tell. I don't see how I can really be a good friend since all of this has happened within 3 months and I only got her number like like 2 weeks ago. I like her a lot and I just don't know whether to ask her out or not?
So, she invited me over to apartment to study again and now I'm really nervous.


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  • if you're not paying her, then yes.


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