Guys, How do I get him?

I have liked the same guy for almost 7 months. Every day I like him more and more. He is the perfect person and I don't know what to do. Help. If you need extra info, just ask.


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  • Strike up a conversation, get his number. It's not weird for me anyway if a girl asks for my number, I don't know about him but don't be afraid to get his number. Then get into texting and start getting to know him. Maybe then he will ask you out or something.

    • I try to text him one or two times a week and since I've started he's been trying to talk to me when we see each other in person. Now I'm kind of at that waiting-it-out stage where I keep talking to him and see where things go, but I have no patience whatsoever

    • Shidddd. lol. If you have no patience, ask him out then see how he responds. You can wait it out and watch nothing happen, or make something happen. The worst response can be no.

  • You need to blow him!! Lol


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