Girls, if a friend you hadn't seen in a few months visited and shared he had feeling for you, would it creep you out how straight up and bold it is?

I know it'll surprise you but I want to know if it would creep you out given the time since talking
  • No, even if I didn't return the feelings it wouldn't weird me out at all
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  • After that much time, it's creep me out
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  • It depends on whether I have feelings for them or not.

    • So if you didn't itd creep you out? Even though a guys just being honest? Wow, and you girls wonder why guys don't approach

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    • You obviously have no sense of self betterment, and it is the same and shouldn't creep you out unless you are very immature which it sounds very much as though you are.

    • Alright, thanks! Have a good day!

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