Should I stop having feelings for an supected fuckboy/ good friend?

he is really an really good guy friend and he did flirt with me, asked me to chill alone and shown some signs but he also flirts with a lot of girls and shown some fuck boy sign even thought he told me once that he talks to loads of girls and thats it , he just talks , im way too afraid that if ill crush on him again this time that he falls in love with someone els while leading me on or sleeps around with loads of girls and that if that happens he's probably going tell me about it and that would break my heart and make me feel desperate and lonely and so forever alone and beyond insecure,

he was the one who knocked my heart out cold once but he was also the one who made it have a beat again.

those thoughts scare me and I could cry myself to sleep if this ever happens

his behaviour towards me changes everyday but im l am lost he is the only person in the world I felt for over and over again I am unsure of my own feeling now.

so please give me tips
  • Do not judge yet and see what happens between you two
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  • This guyfriend is clearly not worth it so just let go
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  • he could be just flirting with you, but that is all it is
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  • He is clearly an fuckboy, LET GO!!
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  • He could like you and just tries to make you jealous
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  • Just because he flirts with girls doesn't mean he's a fuck boy.


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