Guys: Where do you gain the confidence to ask a girl out? And how do you face rejection?

I'm curious to know where you gain the power to ask and how you do it. With me, I seem to be a introverted person that doesn't like to meet up with a random person and start talking. Ironically, that's how all relationships in all forms take shape. One I get past that wall, I face another if I decide to ask someone out. In my past, asking girls out has not ended well for me. Let's just say I had a few hard months for each failure. So where do you gain the confidence and how do you face rejection?


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  • If you don't have the confidence, you need to build it by knowing that the fact that someone rejects you doesn't mean you are not worthwhile. Rejection is a part of life, some of us get rejected more often than others, but well, it's part of the "game". So being less afraid of rejection will give you more confidence to approach girls.


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