Why does this douchebag who broke my heart have love I can't find anything?

He try to use me for sex and made me fell in love with him then broke my heart and now he dating this girl and I am wondering how come this piece of shit can have love I can't even find anyone instead I get played?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Then he doesn't deserve you and You dont need him. The next thing I'd do if you still have his number. text him saying "hey hun We can't tonight something came up."

    • I am not talking to him but I know I don't need him I want a good guy to treat me right and people like him get when I want and he doesn't deserve it!

Most Helpful Girl

  • Because he's good at playing the game. He knows what to say to make girls fall for him, even if it is fake. He doesn't have love, he has a fabrication of love. You deserve much better so don't pay attention to his dumbass and find someone who treats you right!


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  • Just because he is a douchebag doesn't mean your entitled to find love before he does.

    You still can find love - it's what most people are searching for such is life.


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