How do I get a girl, so that I can love her? Never been in any relationship, never went on any dates?

I'm a 6'1 shooting guard on my highschool Varsity's team, and I guess you could say I hang out with the popular crowd. I don't think I am undesirable because I have been asked out many times in the past, and have been subject to many passes from girls. I just never wanted to date before because I didn't really understand short-term relationships, and back in middle school where everyone started dating, that's the type they all ended up as.

Why would you want to be in a relationship with someone just to break up two weeks, or a couple months later? I never got that.

I always wanted a companion in a girls, someone I could stick with and talk to about things. Someone I could fall in love with, I couldn't really imagine dating a girl just for the physical benefits. I knew most girls at am younger age were immature, someone who is hard to build something real with, and I was always a little more mature compared to my peers. So I didn't really want to date any girl, and I didn't all the way up to now which is my junior year.

But now I yearn for a partner, someone who I can talk to day and night, and just ramble about anything and everything. I just want to have a girl I can lay down next to and not have to say anything, just being content to feel her next to me. Someone I can take places, and go everywhere with. Someone I can hug, and and kiss. Somebody to love.

The thing is though is I have like zero experience with anything. I don't know how to do anything to show attraction, or that I'm available in the open market. I don't know how to find a girl, and when I do, make that connection. I'm just completely lost, but have a need to be with someone.
So can someone help, it can be in any environment not just school

(Also sorry about being extra corny when writing this, that's just how it came out)


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  • Any girl would want what you are offering. Just go for it. Ask a girl that you gave established a good friendship with. Make sure you kind of know her a little first though


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  • You're 16, what's the rush? Time goes by very fast so enjoy the ride and let it happen naturally. Contrary to what most 16 boys say, most are exactly like you and have very little or no experience. At 16 you're exactly where you're suppose to be. ;)

    • I'm sure your right in some places, but where I live that is not the norm. This is the time that people are really starting to lose their virginity, and it's not just here say. I've been to a popped in a couple bad parties sometimes to visit a friend, and kids these days are very bold about what they can get away with in school, at the movies, and other public places. I'll spare you the details.

    • Normal is what you decide as long as it's not harming yourself or another person. You should be going at your own pace regardless of what your peers are doing. If a girl likes you she will not care if you're inexperienced or a virgin. But I remember being 16 and I get where you're coming from.

      As for those peers that you see hooking up at parties or wherever, well that's hardly a solid relationship that involves respect and caring, that's just plain old lust.

      To sum up, I don't think you should be concerned about what everyone else is doing, the only thing that matters is what you decide is right for you. :)

    • The norm is not always good, try to think about what's the right thing, not what's the norm.

  • Are you interested in any girls? I would talk to them, try to establish a good friendship, and see if she wants to go out sometime. Date for a while, then formally ask her out.

    • I must also commend you because you seem like a mature 16 year old.

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